Yerevan Computer Research and Development Institute (YCRDI) was founded in 1956. Main directions of its activities are development and implementation of computers, complexes and general/special purpose automatic control systems. During its long time activities the Institute has developed and implemented four generations of computers, complexes and automatic control systems. After Armenia gained independence YCRDI directed its scientific potential to solve the problems of republic and has gained big experience in development and implementation of information and control systems. Today YCRDI has highly qualified specialists in Computer systems, Software development and Electronics. Main directions of YCRDI activities now are: Development and implementation of multi-purpose information and control systems, Automation of control subsystems of special complexes, Development and implementation of analytic information-control systems, Design and delivery of automation means of stationary and mobile systems, Design and delivery of special equipment, Upgrade and maintenance of special purpose radio electronic equipment.

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Expo Beauty 2013


beauty expo1


LOGOS EXPO Center invites you to the finest exhibition of year "EXPO BEAUTY 2013" which will take place on March,22-24th in a Yerevan expo. 
At all times the beauty had the criteria. One remains invariable: the beauty what she would not be, creates that light to which last all without an exception. Ugly women do not happen and know why? Because today exists Hundred thousand possibilities to reveal and show that internal beauty which is in each woman. 
The beauty and health market does not cease to develop. Representatives of the given industry should be well informed constantly about latest developments and not lag behind on a step world tendencies. Whether it be institute of cosmetology or the orthopedy centre, an office or the spa-centre, modern technologies an everywhere-indispensable condition of successful development. For this reason exhibition EXPO BEAUTY 2013 - event which simply cannot be passed The international exhibition EXPO BEAUTY 2013 is devoted the beauty industry. Its basic difference from similar projects is wide coverage of target audience. First of all it is a question of professionals – wholesale suppliers of cosmetics and the equipment, owners and masters of beauty salons, schools and associations. Besides, the exhibition throughout many years invariably involves women without dependence from age. On the threshold of a holiday on March,  exhibitionEXPO BEAUTY 2013 is unique event which gives fine possibility to leaders 
To local manufacturers in sphere of health and beauty to present the production and services, to analyze the possibilities, to familiarise with desires of visitors, finde partners and the new markets. Traditionally exhibition EXPO BEAUTY 2013 will be sated by business and competitive actions: 
- "Miss EXPO Beauty 2013" 
- "Master classes" 
- "Photosessions"